Immigrant Rep, Inc. was established to provide clients with knowledgeable and effective legal representation in their immigration cases. This website gives clients information about Immigration Appeals. For information about ALL of our services, please visit our main website: .

We represent clients throughout the country before the Board of Immigration Appeals and before federal courts of appeals.

Appealing your case is almost like getting a second shot at convincing a judge that you should be allowed to remain in the United States. However, appeals are not done the same way as the original immigration case. (Click here for more information about how immigration appeals work.) To make matters worse, the attorney who represented you in immigration court may not be representing you when you appeal your case (or perhaps you didn't have an attorney in immigration court). As a result, you may feel all alone when you decide to appeal your immigration case.

That's where we come in. When you hire us, an experienced and qualified immigration attorney will work on your appeal from start to finish, giving your case all the time and professional attention it deserves. The attorney will carefully analyze everything that happened when you were in immigration court and will develop the best possible arguments as to why you should win your immigration case on appeal.

We look forward to serving you.

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